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Analyze the actual behavior of your website visitors with the unique TrackConsole web analytics software. Watch the visitors interpretation of your websites interaction design by replaying visitors sessions. Learn by viewing the heat maps with clicks, mouse movements and flows of visiting groups on your pages. TrackConsole will definitely increase the results of your website. View the demo and start analyzing today with our website usability software.
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Demo creating heat maps with TrackConsole web analytics

Profitable and quick to deploy

TrackConsole is a profitable and quick to deploy alternative for Eye Tracking. Where TrackConsole captures the mouse movements and clicks of a visitor Eye Tracking will capture the eye movements of a visitor. The latter method is a very expensive and complex one, which should be carried out each time the recommendations have been done.

TrackConsole delivers innovative web analytics software which makes it possible to capture and learn from your visitors in page behavior. By replaying the mouse movements and clicks in the webpage, combined with several heatmaps and reporting tools you will have your own website usability center. Within a few clicks you will learn where improvements need to be made and maximize the results of your website.


Feature matrix comparing us with our competitors

Picking the best product for gathering website analytics can be a tough nut to crack. Instead of pushing our own product, we think it's best to let our webmasters make up their own minds, picking the best product for their needs. We believe in transparancy and decided to make a fair comparison of our own and competing services.

  TrackConsole ClickTale CrazyEgg MouseFlow
Free account 500 visits ~100 visits* n/a ~25 visits*
Budget account ($9) 2.000 visits n/a 10.000 visits 1.000 visits
Typical account ($49) 20.000 visits n/a 100.000 visits 10.000 visits
High-end account ($99) 50.000 visits ~5.000 visits* 250.000 visits 25.000 visits
Billing plans monthy & annually monthly & annually annually monthly & annually
Advanced filtering
yes yes x x
Form Analytics x yes x x
Conversion Analytics
yes (targets) yes (funnels) x x
Amount of heatmaps unlimited 4 tracked pages 10 tracked pages unlimited
Pageviews per heatmap unlimited 500 (random selection) ? ?
Heatmaps of filtered data yes x x x
Click heatmaps
yes yes yes yes
Activity heatmaps
yes yes x yes
Flow heatmap
yes x x x
Viewport/scroll heatmaps
yes yes yes yes
Interactive heatmap
yes yes x x
Replay visits
yes yes* x yes*
Realtime replay visits x yes x x
Available history  90-120 days 30 days ? 30-90 days
Downloadable history fully automatic only for >$290 accounts x manual
Track subset of visitors yes (% per domain) yes (% per account) x yes (max per day)
HTTPS support x yes yes yes
Capture sensitive data no uploads page content no uploads session vars
Access to javascript API all versions only non-free no only non-free

We feel confident this will provide you with enough data to make an informed decision on the product that best fits your needs. In case a specific feature is not listed in this matrix, you can check out all features or drop us a note and we will get back at you. 
This feature matrix is composed to the best of our ability.
If you encounter outdated or incorrect information, we'll update it immediately.
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